Bosna Hersek & Mostar Bridge

  1. A trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina; during this trip, I was really very happy and I’m sorry for what happened in 1993. A place of 4 million inhabitants, Visa not required, the transition is easy and the airport is small.Foreign currencies but in general the euro was used.In Sarajevo (the capital) does not accept credit cards except for almost no one, including larger stores(I guess because of the tax). Because of this, it’s been really difficult . 

In the capital Sarajevo ,are the work of dozens of dating from the Ottoman period,especially historic fountain, Husrev Bey Mosque,Baş çarşı  are the places to be seen. Country cheap hotels very reasonable (40 euro Double Bed, Breakfast included). Nearly across the entire country and the amazing beauty of the Neretva River is reflected.

Food, especially lamb pan is popular. 

A total of Mostar tourist attractions, tourist attraction before A men jump off the bridge as tips on collecting from those who cruise jumps.A historical and quiet town lined with souvenir shops everywhere. 

Krasavica you should certainly see a waterfall ,a natural wonder. There’s more to the story, but maybe you’ve wondering, do you go😀

    Canyon of Yazili

    On the last day of my trip, I was returning from Antalya to Ankara, I saw a sign on the main road. I left the main road and followed the sign. Written after about 25 km I reached the canyon. It’s an incredibly beautiful place. There was a harmony of a butterfly on the water.I was shocked this beauty. Seated at the picnic table and took a drink out of the car immediately butterfly which is reminiscent of ballet I went to see the show. For the first time in his life a butterfly came and landed on my fingers.This feeling is indescribable… Daily life is very precious to me for a few seconds was allocated a butterfly.